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How Much Does Genealogy Research Cost?

How Much Does Genealogy Cost in the U.S.?

How much does genealogy cost? You know it costs money to hire a professional. Have you considered how much it costs to do your own research?

Are you wondering how much a professional genealogist costs?

There are a lot of factors involved. I'll hit just the bare bones, first, and then suggest some ways to save when hiring someone or doing your own research.

Genealogy Research Logs

Genealogy Research Logs

genealogy research calendars and logs
find the right research log for your genealogy

Find and Create the Right Research Log for YOU!

Part 1: Advice for those who don't like their current research log or don't have one.

(If you're using a research log and need some tips, see part 2, below.)

When I lecture about keeping a spreadsheet research log, I always tell the audience there is one thing they can definitely do WRONG. That is not keeping and using a research log.

[NOTE: I've written a newer post over at The Occasional Genealogist that talks about not keeping a research log. It actually does not disagree with this post but approaches this subject in a different way, I recommend reading it as well as this post to get a fuller understanding of "research logs."]

Mississippi - 1878 Copiah and Covington Cos. enumeration of Educable Children


Recently I needed to read line by line through the 1878 enumeration of educable children for Copiah County, Mississippi at FamilySearch. In the process I ended up making a quick access guide to the towns and districts.

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